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New Voices: Note to self

Be kind — to others, but also to yourself.
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New Voices: On ethics, education and abortion

Overturning Roe v. Wade will put medical providers in a bind: Follow the law, or follow the four pillars of ethical medicine?
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A call for New Voices

Star Tribune Opinion is looking for first-time contributors to join the conversation.

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New Voices: Let's rededicate ourselves to our American ideals

But we must do that while seeing the world as it now is — not how we wish it were.
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New Voices: Reconsider your lawn

Traditional grass lawns deplete nutrients in the soil and require excess amounts of water and fertilizer. Here are some alternatives.
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New Voices: The piling-on effect of fees in criminal justice

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New Voices: A poem for Ukraine

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New Voices: All Minnesota college campuses should be hunger-free

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New Voices: Trans rights are under attack

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January 25
President Joe Biden smiles after signing the “Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act” into law during a ceremony in the South Court

New Voices: Finally, a step in the right direction for ALS

We’re putting out the call for new commentary writers.
New Voices
updated 5 hours 42 mins. ago
Star Tribune Opinion's latest feature spotlights commentaries written by first-time contributors to our pages. These thinkers, readers and opinionated community members from across Minnesota have something to say and, we hope, inspire you to join the conversation, too.
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January 22
A recent survey from the Rand Corporation found nearly 1 in 4 teachers said they would likely leave their jobs by the end of the 2020-21 school year.�

New Voices: Teacher burnout isn't new, only worse

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January 18
A help wanted sign is displayed at a gas station in Mount Prospect, Ill., Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

New Voices: Help wanted, needed, with small-business labor crisis

Playing Politics podcast
Playing Politics podcast
updated 10 hours 30 mins. ago
Listening to the "Playing Politics" podcast from the Star Tribune and WCCO Radio is like taking a seat at the Editorial Board table and hearing an informed and opinionated weekly discussion of all things political in Minnesota and the nation. "Playing Politics" features WCCO's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune's John Rash in addition to editorial writer Patricia Lopez and columnists Lori Sturdevant and D.J. Tice – award-winning journalists who bring varied perspectives to the issues of the day.
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December 30, 2021
According to an article in the National Association of Independent Schools, affinity groups are defined as “groups of people with common interests,

New Voices: Why we need affinity groups

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December 11, 2021
Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve smiles during a press conference to announce she’d been named the head coach of USA Women’s Basketball Dec.

New Voices: For social justice, Coach Reeve should give up one of her jobs

Twin Metals underground mine location: Aerial view of the area that would be mined by Twin Metals.
Special report Mining and the BWCA: Not this location
updated 1 hours 34 mins. ago
The Star Tribune Editorial Board has taken the position that the Twin Metals copper-nickel mining project near the BWCA should not proceed. That editorial and others leading up to it are collected here. Responses will be added as they are published.
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November 27, 2021
“As a city mom, I have concerns, too. I’m concerned that by not allowing children to read Toni Morrison or learn an unfiltered history of America�

New Voices: Please listen to an urban mom's hopes for her children

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