The “Longfellow Boom” seems to only happen at night and in the summer months.

What is causing the mysterious 'Longfellow Boom' in south Minneapolis?

Neighbors near the Mississippi River have been searching for the cause of these "house-shakingly loud" noises for decades.
A lighthouse featuring the Park Board logo stands on Hall’s Island beside the Mississippi River. The agency recently restored the historical island,
Curious Minnesota

Was the Minneapolis Park Board created to benefit wealthy land owners?

July 15
Critics said the 1880s proposal to create the park-focused government amounted to "cunning trickery."
Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?
Curious Minnesota

Ask a question now: What are you curious about, Minnesota?

June 9, 2021
Help us answer questions that matter to you.
Charles Lindbergh poses for a photo weeks before his transatlantic flight in 1927.
Curious Minnesota

Listen: Was Charles Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer?

June 6
The Star Tribune's Kevin Duchschere discusses the Minnesota native's controversial statements and actions preceding America's involvement in World War II.
The front entrance to the John H. Stevens house in Minnehaha Park. The roof of the summer kitchen, at right, is covered in moss.
Curious Minnesota

Why has the Park Board allowed the 'birthplace of Minneapolis' to deteriorate?

July 8
The storied, 172-year-old structure in Minnehaha Park is in need of exterior repairs.
Actors performed in a Guthrie Theatre production of “H.M.S. Pinafore” in 2011.
Curious Minnesota

How did the Twin Cities become such a theater hot spot?

July 1
The region has earned a reputation as one of the nation's premier regional theater hubs.
The statue atop the Minnesota First regiment’s monument at Gettysburg.
Curious Minnesota

Listen: Why isn't Minnesota's sacrifice at Gettysburg better remembered?

June 6
The Star Tribune's Kevin Duchschere discusses the First Minnesota regiment's heroism and legacy on the Curious Minnesota podcast.
Curious Minnesota

Who was the first woman to serve in the Minnesota Legislature?

June 24
Minnesota didn't have just one trailblazing woman at the State Capitol. It had four.
Curious Minnesota

640th Avenue? 180th Street? The backstory behind long rural addresses

June 17
Those large numbers convey a lot of information about the geography of greater Minnesota.